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My aim in writing this blog is to provoke thought, so I encourage readers to post their reactions, questions, and comments. However, it is all too easy for an Internet conversation to degenerate into a shouting match that ignores substantive issues and discourages others from participating.

Here is my comment policy. By posting on my blog, you agree to the following terms:

  1. You may comment with or without registering.
  2. You may post anonymously, though I encourage you not to. I believe identifying ourselves makes it more likely that we will treat one another respectfully. I may change this rule if anonymous posting leads to abuse.
  3. You may post comments on the posts, questions, or items related to the subject of the post. You may post comments on other people’s comments. Items not related to the content of the post will be deleted.
  4. Ad hominem comments will not be tolerated. These are comments that appeal to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect or defame another person’s character rather than rebut his or her arguments. You may disagree with me or with other commenters but must do so respectfully and with reference to the content of the writing and not the character of the person.
  5. I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason or no reason whatsoever. Your freedom of speech gives you the right to publish your words on your blog, not on mine.
  6. Comments that are snarky, off-topic, libelous, defamatory, abusive, harassing, threatening, profane, pornographic, offensive, false, misleading, or which otherwise violate or encourage others to violate my sense of decorum and civility or any law, including intellectual property laws will be deleted.
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8. You retain ownership of your comments. I do not own them and I expressly disclaim any and all liability that may result from them. By commenting on my site, you agree that you retain all ownership rights in what you post here and that you will relieve me from any and all liability that may result from those postings.

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Thanks for reading, and I hope you will add to the conversation.


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