Free or Low-Cost Retreat and Vacation Accommodations for Pastors

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Pastors and others in full-time Christian ministry have challenging responsibilities that can be spiritually and emotionally draining. Time away from ministry—and away from home—is an important tool for recharging the batteries and regaining perspective.

Free and Low-Cost Vacations and Retreats for Pastors

That time can be hard to come by, however. Most pastors earn a modest salary, and many are bivocational.

As a preacher’s kid myself, I recall most of our family “vacations” were really trips to visit relatives. In time, my parents were able to save up for a camping trailer so we could get away for a day or two into the woods of Northern Michigan. I believe those family retreats enabled my father to weather the demands of pastoral life.

I learned from Dad’s example, and I make it a point to plan weekend getaway at least three or four times per year. Time away really clears the head, centers the spirit, and helps us reconnect with each other and God’s vision for our life and ministry.

Here is a list of Christian ministries that offer guest, retreat, or vacation accommodations for those in ministry. Some are simply guest houses, others are full-blown conference centers, and a few offer counseling and or other therapeutic services.  A few of them are free for clergy.

I’ve done my best to present accurate information, but I make not guarantee that it is either correct or current. Contact the ministries themselves to confirm details. Be sure to identify yourself as a pastor or full-time Christian servant.

Hopefully, you enjoy a few days away to rest and rekindle your passion for ministry.

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$       Free or offered for a donation
$$     Inexpensive to moderately priced
$$$   Moderately priced to more costly
♥        Counseling, mentoring, or coaching available

Ask for ministry discount if not listed on the property web sites (some aren't).
Always mention!

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