On World Vision’s Reversal

March 27, 2014

World Vision has reversed its decision to allow the employment of gay Christians in committed relationships and reaffirmed its prior policy that it will employ only celibate single people or those who practice fidelity in a heterosexual marriage. (Comments on their previous position are here.)

This saddens me, not because I endorse homosexual behavior in any context—I affirm that God created sex as the unifying, creative act between a man and woman, even though most people don’t use it that way.

I am saddened by what this episode reveals about the state of the church. There is deep division and great anger over the question of homosexuality, and confusion even among some of our brightest leaders on how to respond to the cultural challenge.

It is unfortunate, too, that Christians will likely be perceived as angry bigots by our own neighbors, and that gay people have been told once again that they are not welcome in the church.

Team, we can do better.

On the positive side, Jesus is alive, it’s a beautiful day, and we’ve all got good work to do.

Lawrence W. Wilson

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I write about life and faith and what it means to be fully human and a fully devoted follower of Jesus. I've written a few books including A Different Kind of Crazy and Why Me? Straight Talk about Suffering.