Twelve (Unspectacular) Works of the Holy Spirit

July 13, 2012

What does the Holy Spirit do besides slay people in the Spirit? If a person doesn’t speak in tongues, does he or she really have the Holy Spirit?

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Because God had never worked in my life in sensational ways, I once wondered if my experience of the Holy spirit was real. Others seemed to have more … pizzaz in their spiritual experience. Was something wrong with me?

In time—and after studying the Scriptures more fully—I realized that the Spirit’s work is not always accompanied by emotional or ecstatic experiences. While the more sensational aspects of the Spirit’s work get a lot of attention, there are a number of other ways in which the Holy Spirit is active in our lives.

Here are some works of the Holy Spirit that don’t usually make headlines.

Intercession – John 14:16

Presence – John 14:17

Enlightenment – John 14:26

Boldness – Acts 4:31

Discernment – Acts 5:9

Wisdom – Acts 6:10

Encouragement – Acts 9:31 

Call to Ministry – Acts 20:28

Peace and Joy – Romans 4:17

Freedom from Sin – Romans 8:2

Confirmation of Salvation – Romans 8:16

Judgment – 1 Corinthians 2:15

What has the Holy Spirit done in you?

Lawrence W. Wilson


I blog about Christian faith and ministry. I've also written a few books including The Long Road Home and Why Me? Straight Talk about Suffering.